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Sunday, January 1, 2012

I was watching "Armageddon week" on the History channel 2 last night (wow does SHE know how to party on new years eve). First off, let me just clarify that it was something I stumbled on and seeing that It was almost midnight I thought..eh, why not. So, there I was emerged in black holes, collapsing stars and our ozone being eaten away to leave us all to die when one of the scientists says something that I guess you could say..made me think. He said; about black holes, "you can try to do something about it.. you could shoot a thousand nuclear bombs into it..but it will not change the fact that the black hole is going to come and swallow the earth. It is just going to happen. there is no changing it." wow. sobering. I sat and contemplated the horror of knowing that something was going to destroy the earth and that we as humans would foolishly be trying in vain to alter the reality all the while it is inching towards us. And as with almost everything I read, see or hear I begin to think about it in other ways. For me I began to think about God. How he has always been God. He Is God. How He is always going to be God. That before time began He held it all in His hands and planned it all out. We try so very hard to foolishly put it together and plan our lives and our aspirations. Those of us who Know Him and have a relationship we still try to put God into these little pockets of ourselves and attempt to pass it off as "the will of God in our life". We push and struggle for admiration and approval from everyone all in the name of "Gods calling"(s) on our lives. All the while God is there continuing to BE God. Continuing to weave it all together. We take a scripture like Romans 8:28 and say that no matter.. He will make it all work out for me. Which IS true, but how humongous of a thought to think of if we were in full submission to what GOD wanted and how much MORE powerful that scripture would be and act out in our lives. It is in the perfect submission to God's will that He is able to perfectly work things together. Free will is not an excuse for the believer to do whatever we want. It is not an excuse to be loose with our lives for the sake of "fitting in" or not "reaching out" it is not an excuse. Yet even in our Christian-ese world we seem to act like it is. We twist theologies and squeeze "truth" out of our own thoughts and opinions all the while.. God is still God. He is weaving it all together. In our foolishness we scurry around like teeny tiny ants puffing our chests out and saying "look how many important things GOD has me doing!" "Look at MY ministry that GOD has me doing!" "Listen to how GOD has told me to do these GREAT things!" All the while God is still God. he is weaving it together.
These thoughts are very sobering to me. Go figure a sober thought from me on New years day. But honestly my desire truly is to have God's hand guide my life, and quite honestly more often than not I am the one with my big fat hand on the wheel. Steering and telling everyone it is God. Is it though? It is cheesastic to the core in my opinion to make a bunch of "New Years Resolutions" but I have to say, in this new year I truly want to grow more in my complete trust and submission to God's will in my life. I hope and pray that for all of us. So that He who was and is and is to come will be able to bring to fruition all He has planned.

Happiest of New Years to all of you!
Much Much Love,

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