incident at target..... grrrrrr

Monday, July 26, 2010

The kids are upstairs. They are supposed to be playing in thier own rooms for 30 minutes due to an "incident" at Target. I am wondering... when exactly is the age that your children listen the first time, or at least the first 5 times you ask them to do somehting..or NOT do something.
Short little post today, but believe me... it has relieved stress and has kept me from losing it ... LOL


prides last stand....

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

holding in
carelessly aimed
and fired
reckless abandon
no care
or thought
other than
anyone other than
no accountability
none to bear
on shoulders
broadly spread
and chest
like a cat
about to pounce
The bird in cage
are the mouths
that drip
into innocent ears
and hearts
wells full of
have drown
many a man
and woman


Monday, July 19, 2010

Is there need
for an apology?
for an explanation
of notes sung
or words spoken?
Is there a blank page
that is only filled
when the crowd says the ink
has spelled out what THEY believe
rise up
be YOU
made you to be
not a carbon copy
of what some other carbon copy
tells you to be
hold your ground
do not give up one step
the ground beneath your feet
the rock on which you stand
is firmer than any accolade from those who
feel they own your thoughts
fire your gun
set ablaze your path
and BE love BE hope BE Jesus
and make
absolutely not one


I am a stone mover...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Have to just take a break from this day. It started with the all too familiar barking dog who needed to go outside, then the kids are in need of breakfast and I am in desperate need of coffee and a shower. In the back of my mind is the nagging voice I hear almost constantly that I need to get to the piano and be productive and write a song... not just "a song" but an AMAZING song. So I quickly get the morning stuff over and done and while the last load of laundry tumbles in the dryer and the kids are in the family room playing Wii I sit on the piano bench and plunk at the keys. I then promptly return to the kitchen and make another cup of coffee. I plunk the keys again. Scribble out some lyrics and dive in. About a half an hour goes by and I am discouraged. I want to dig deep, I want to share my heart, I want to feel something when I write and it just feels... ick... blah. I go at it for about another hour then switch to the guitar. It is now 5:45 and my day has been consumed with this. I am now taking a break and I want to share with you what I just got out of 5 minutes of really spilling my guts to God and blubbering a tad to him. He reminded me of the story of Lazarus for some reason, so I, being the mac junkie I am looked it up and read. Then out of nowhere BAM ... this came to me.
When Lazarus was still in the grave even as Jesus walked towards them the people cried. They wept and did not understand why Jesus did not come sooner. They even questioned him. Then he himself walked over to the grave and wept. He cried for the death of his friend. But he did not just then turn around and walk away.. no, there was work to be done. He then had some men remove the stone from the grave and he called forth this dead man Lazarus and Lazarus came walking out shedding his burial clothes and living again. I took this all in and then began to think.. that is me.. I am a stone mover. I am one of those that God has called to remove the stones from graves of those who are dead. Dead from abuse, anger, the past, a bad marriage, a horrible childhood, a hidden sin.. I was there to remove that stone so that then God can call them forth and let them live again. This thought is giving me chills actually. Here I am thinking it is just a good melody line or good lyrics with a good voice singing but it is so much more. I am attempting to move stones from peoples "graves" in an attempt to raise them from the death they are in.
So, with that I am off to work again rejuvenated and ready to move some stones.