Baking that manna....

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

We have an action Bible. A full blown, comic drawn with bubbles coming out of mouths and heads with appropriate bubble and or slant lines depicting the "action". It makes nightly devo's very fun. We are just staring on the Israelites and their desert party. As we read the complaining grumblings about food I do not know why it peaked my interest but it did. I started going over and over in my head the idea of Quail at night and Manna in the morning. I mean, God just handed them food. QUAIL no less..not under glass but, hey.. And this manna. A frost like covering on the ground harvested each morning. Some of the Israelites tried to "store" it; thinking that they would need to store up enough just in case the manna was not there tomorrow. This is where I was like "hold up.. say what?!" I mean, God makes it rain sweet bread and you are questioning if he is going to take care of you. Wow. I then start drifting off into my own little ADD world and start thinking about times I have attempted to "store up manna" or even worse.. throw it away and try to make my own "bread". I mean, we all have been there. We want something, a dream, a relationship, a family, a job, recognition, people to say we are awesome at what we do. We all think about such things. At one point or another we make the choice to either trust God that He will bring into our lives HIS plan and HIS BEST plan or attempt to put together our own plans or as I like to call it.. settle for less. There seems to be a lesson here for all of us. Which is just this.. Let's not throw away the manna and try to bake our own bread.

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