Friday post on an empty stomach but a full heart...

Friday, November 12, 2010

I don't have the intention of coming off as "negative" or "judgemental" (just a warning for those of you who may just decide at this point to just not read THIS blog post: )

Having lunch today and got into a discussion about church.. and all the "politics" that go along with it...don't hate.. we ALL know it it true.. it is not is just a reality. A reality of life really, I mean in any situation you find yourself in there is a hierarchy and "rules" spoken or unspoken. We got rather heated and passionate in the discussion and I found myself really trying to not get too emotional and just ..well.. ahem..(keep in mind I AM Irish) well.. go off about what I think is right and wrong and all that stuff. It gets to the point of no return and I am standing on the edge of a verbal cliff, with what I might add was a BRILLIANT statement and argument, when I felt the urge to not say anything. I just kept my mouth shut..which for many of you who know me is truly an act of God Himself. Let me just state that nothing in this discussion was bad, nothing was untrue, nothing was anything that would not have been said in any other setting. But, in this instant I remained silent and found myself.. even now..trying to figure out what got me so riled up. I think it boils down to this. We are the Church..right? We are here for the purpose of reaching out to the lost, helping the lost know Jesus, disciplining those people and training them up to then repeat the whole cycle. I find that too often in "churches"(mind you not ALL churches... so save the hate mail and nay nay's for later) we get into out little grooves and our own worlds that we find it more important to do other things with our time and our money. Let me head off at the pass all of those who are going to comment about family first...I know ALL about family first. I lost a child and have made it my mission to not waste any of the precious time given to me with my other two children. But my BIGGEST job and responsibility that GOD has given me for my children is to teach them who HE is. And God, my friends, is LOVE. That is what 1 Corinthians 13 tells us no? So if God is LOVE and in 1 John 3:18 it tells us to LOVE in action and in deeds not just in words.. then I have a responsibly to not just TALK about God but to actively WALK OUT my faith so that my children SEE my faith in action. Part of that is not just making them come to church, attend weekly functions and get their fill of action Bible man, or princess Jesus girl... it is about them WANTING to KNOW God and WANTING to BE the hands and feet of Jesus themselves.
So, all this ranting (on an empty stomach I might add for pity and grace) is to say that I am again calling to ACTION all of us who call ourselves Christians...Christ "followers" to "follow" is an ACTION word..let's not be content to just allow the church (the pastor, children's director, youth pastor, music people) to "tell" our kids "about" Jesus.. let's be willing to WALK OUT our faith in order to SHOW them who He is and what He has done in our lives.

And now... food and merriment. :)

Happy Friday <3

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