I'll trade for some stew....

Sunday, June 3, 2012

It is amazing the deep thoughts that you can have while doing your kid Bible reading at bedtime. For me it is the story of Jacob and Esau. It is a good one to read with my two, who at times can fight like they are re-enacting said Biblical characters. As I am in the middle of Rebekah's hair applying and stew making it hits me. Esau, the older (even if just by minutes) was given a "birthright" which means he was entitled to certain privileges and blessings. He is at the time where he is about to be ready to receive this "birthright" from his father. The stage is set and Jacob (the younger brother) with his mother's help has animal hair applied to his body to fool his blind father to think he was Esau. But in order to seal the tricky deal His mom makes a Delicious stew and when Esau comes home from a long day of hunting and working he smells this stew and in a moment of weakness "sells" his "birthright" for a bowl of stew. Now, you may be saying "umm, yeah Heather I know the story... " I have a point and this is what I felt spoken to my heart.
What is your bowl of stew Heather? What is the one thing you are allowing to rob you of your "birthright?" You are offered blessings and privileges by your daddy God, but what keeps you from receiving them? Truth is we all have this "bowl of stew". We all have weak moments where we chose the stew. We smell how good it is and we are worn down and hungry and give up and eat it instead.
I am sure going to search my heart tonight and ask God to be my strength. I don't want to lose what God has for me and settle for something that seems to satisfy for the moment but will always leave me hungry later.

short but sweet tonight.


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  1. Heather,
    Great post! "A bowl of stew".... sometimes I feel like I have walked into the Oliver Twist story only to be the one asking for "more" stew! Short but sweet and a hard hitting point! Thanks, need it tonight :) Blessings