For a dear friend... words are cheap but you are not... (whispers a prayer)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Background noise
Inside my head
Trying to listen
Get distracted

Not quite sure if I am even aware
Of how I ended up right here
But I know in the process
Things became unclear

Cleaned up
Banged up
Give up
Not in that order
But most certainly
The way I’ve called out
The way I’ve tried to record it

How did it become
The little things
That outweigh the heaviness
of truth
How did the fuzzy line creep up
And steal
The sharpie pen mark

Gravel consumes my teeth
Sand overtakes my throat
Wind sweeps through my eyes
And leaves me dumb and blind
And choked

Oh to be a little girl
That looks out and sees
All the brightness of the sun
Taste the saltiness of the sea

The ache of want
Is a terrible thing
Stealing contentment
Raping peace

Sick of the mess
Tired of the retreat
Time to stand up
To lay down the knife
To pursue life
To pursue peace

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